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About Our Chicago Job Board:

Jobsinchicago.com is a leading Chicago job board. We have been helping people find jobs in Chicago and the Chicago suburbs since 1998 and have been providing valuable Chicago area job resources. We are a great resource for local employers who need to post and fill jobs in the Chicago area. We are local, convenient, effective, and just a little bit different by staying focused.

So what makes Jobsinchicago.com so different? Instead of focusing on a large geographical area, Jobsinchicago.com focuses on an area about 100 miles around Chicago. This area includes most of the Chicago Suburbs and even some areas outside of Illinois like Wisconsin and Indiana. We are a great source for job seekers looking to find local careers. We may not be the biggest but we want to be the best Chicago job resource in town.

Whether your company needs to fill one position or hundreds, at Jobsinchicago.com we know that your company will save thousands of dollars if you can find local talent. This is where Jobsinchicago.com comes into the picture. We introduce Chicago area companies with talent in Chicago and save both parties time and money. Why use a job search engine that includes the entire USA when all you really want it talent from Chicago and the Chicago suburbs? Start searching for a job today that will become a important career tomorrow.

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Some Important Information About Jobsinchicago.com

125,000 unique visitors per month. 720,000 + page views each month.
Jobsinchicago.com is a fully registered Chicago Corporation Serving Job Seekers in Chicago and the Chicago Suburbs.
Jobsinchicago.com has been in the job business since 1998 and is growing each year.
Jobsinchicago.com only list jobs within 100 miles of Chicago. We fill a niche that was badly needed in the Chicago.
Over 90% of our advertising is done in Chicago and suburbs. The bottom line is your company saves thousands on relocation costs.                                         
Your post won't be lost in 500,000 jobs. We keep a fresh, managable list of Chicago jobs on our board. Your job will be seen!
Price: Our service is about 1/5 the cost of most leading job boards and we offer the same services.
We offer free resume posting and updates. This means as an employeer, you can browse and extensive list of Chicago resumes.
We offer monthly job posting plans. You can post single jobs or hundreds of jobs with the many different packages we provide.
Most of our traffic is local to the Chicagoland region. 90% of our traffic (visits) are from Chicago residents. Isn't that what you want?
We offer local hands-on service. We can visit your office and teach you how to use our service.
We keep our site easy to use without hundreds of graphics or gimmicks. Search and apply for a job now.
We offer many convienent ways to pay for your online post. We can bill you or you can pay on-line.
All job posts can be live and online within 24 hours or sooner.
The President and Vice President of Jobsinchicago.com were born and raised in Chicago. We truly love Chicago.
We advertise in all the local mediums like WYKG Radio and billboards on some of the major express-ways.
We would love to work with your company and help you find that perfect employee. Send us an email at jobs@jobsinchicago.com.

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